Georgetown Islamic Studies Professor Jonathan Brown: Slavery OK, So is Non-Consensual Sex

By Pamela Geller

Cornered by the negative publicity surrounding this lecture, this academic savage is now denying that he said these things. However, video of his talk is available, and as Robert Spencer has discovered, he said the same things on Facebook in 2015 (he has now taken down his Facebook page).

If Jonathan Brown were anything but a Muslim, he would have been repudiated and fired by Georgetown University by now. The fact that he has not been and will not be shows how much academia has degenerated.

A professor at Georgetown University is teaching his students that men do not need consent to have sex with women, and that slavery is justifiable under Islamic teachings.

Islamic Studies professor Jonathan Brown recently lectured at the International Institute of Islamic Thought, where he shared his alarming beliefs with students in attendance in his lecture, “Islam and the Problem of Slavery.” Freelance writer Umar Lee expressed his shock over the 90-minute lecture, which included explicit endorsements of rape and slavery.

Brown himself uploaded the lecture to YouTube.

According to Lee, Brown’s lecture was supposed to revolve around slavery in Islam, but the lecturer moved its focus to criticize the United States, United Kingdom and China. Brown described slavery in these non-Muslim societies as brutal, which they were, but lauded the historically inhumane practice in Arab lands and Turkey.

“Indeed, according to Brown, slaves in the Muslim world lived a pretty good life,” wrote Lee. “I thought the Muslim community was done with this dishonest North Korean style of propaganda. Obviously not.”…

The Islamic Studies professor said that in Muslim societies, “slavery wasn’t racialized,” unlike the United States. Lee points out that this is untrue, given that in the Arab world, black people are referred to as “abeed,” the Arab word for “slave.”Brown stated that slaves were “protected by Sharia,” omitting the various atrocities committed by slave-owners. Girls and women were forced into the sex trade and their male counterparts were often castrated.

“In general you don’t find the brutality that you see in American slavery,” said Brown, who described the historically common practice as “investments” and “walking venture properties” for slave-owners….

Historically, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams conducted warfare against vassal states of the Ottoman Empire to end the Barbary slave trade, in which North African pirates conducted constant raids into European coastal towns to capture men and women for slavery.Brown defended slavery, stating, “It’s not immoral for one human to own another human” by comparing it to marriage—a quid pro quo arrangement in which both slave and master benefited from the arrangement.

“I don’t think it’s morally evil to own somebody because we own lots of people all around us and we’re owned by people,” said Brown.

A female attendee asked Brown about the permissibility of sex with slaves, to which the professor stated that “Consent isn’t necessary for lawful sex,” and defined consent as a Western concept that emerged with women’s suffrage and female body autonomy. Brown, he said, believes that marital rape was an invalid concept in Islam.

Had Prof. Brown’s words been spoken by a practicing member of any other religion, they would’ve lost their jobs and shunned out of the academic world.

MASS SHOOTING at Fort Lauderdale Airport UPDATE: 5 Dead, 9 Shot


Another airport attack. Brussels, Turkey….

UPDATE: MORE SHOOTING in Fort Lauderdale garage, people ordered down, “no sudden movements,” “stay still,” shots heard.

UPDATE: Eyewitness John Schlicher said the gunmen shot people in the head and continued to shoot them after they were motionless on the ground.

UPDATE: 5 people have died in this shooting at -Hollywood Airport.”

I was just there. As many as three dead at Ft. Lauderdale Int’l Airport, U.S. law enforcement official tells CBS News; shooter is in custody.

A gunman is in custody after a deadly shooting at the Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport.

Sources tell NBC Miami that nine people have been shot and three people have died.

An airport spokesman said that the center of the incident was in the baggage claim area of Terminal 2. It does not appear that the shooter breached the TSA-secured area of the airport.

Video from the airport Friday afternoon showed hundreds of passengers corralled together on the tarmac with emergency vehicles parked outside the terminal with lights flashing(DM)

Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting Live Updates: Victims, Lockdown Reported In Florida

“I’m at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport. Shots have been fired. Everyone is running,” Fleischer tweeted Friday afternoon. He later followed up, tweeting, “The police said there is one shooter and five victims.”capture

NY Post: A gunman opened fire inside the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Friday afternoon, killing at least one person and injuring eight others, according to reports.

The shooter was taken into custody, law enforcement sources told NBC News. One of the victims was shot in the head, according to a Sun Sentinel reporter

 The airport tweeted about 1:15 p.m. that there is “an ongoing incident in Terminal 2, Baggage Claim.”

Twitter users reported being returned to planes amid the chaos.

“Shots have been fired. Everyone is running,” ex-White House press secretary Ari Fleischer tweeted.

Another user tweeted out a grisly image that appeared to show a man bleeding on the sidewalk outside the terminal.capturecapturecapture


ISIS claims responsibility for Istanbul nightclub attack


The Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) international terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the New Year’s Eve shooting in a crowded Istanbul nightclub that killed 39 people.


IS issued a statement calling the gunman its “soldier,” who attacked Christians for celebrating a holiday the jihadist terrorists deem “apostate. The attack was reportedly carried out in revenge for Ankara’s military involvement in Syria.

A manhunt is still ongoing for the gunman who killed 39 people and injured 69 at the Reina nightclub. The victims come from over 10 different, mostly Middle Eastern, countries, including Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Libya, and Lebanon.

On Sunday, the Russian Consulate General in Istanbul confirmed the death of a Russian woman in the attack.

Eight individuals thought to have been involved in the nightclub attack were apprehended in Istanbul on Monday, Turkish Daily Sabah reported, citing police. Over the past week, nearly 150 people suspected of having ties to the Islamic State terrorist group have been detained, Turkey’s Interior Ministry said, adding that 25 have been formally placed under arrest.

The gunman, who may be from a Central Asian country, is suspected of coming from the same cell responsible for carrying out a deadly gun-and-bomb attack on Istanbul’s main airport back in June of last year, according to Turkish Hurriyet newspaper.

The club is located in the Turkish capital’s Ortakoy neighborhood, an area popular with foreign tourists crammed with nightclubs, shops, and restaurants. Up to 600 people are believed to have been inside the club at the time of the attack.


The attacker began shooting at people as he approached the club, before going inside and continuing the rampage. He then took advantage of the ensuing chaos to escape, leaving his weapons behind, Interior Minister Binali Yildirim said in a media statement.

Initial reports said the attacker was dressed up as Santa Claus, but the Interior Minister has disputed that information. Videos of the incident don’t appear to confirm this either.

The gunman is believed to have taken a taxi to Ortakoy from a district in southern Istanbul, but he apparently got out of the car early due to heavy traffic, Haberturk newspaper reported. As the attacker approached the club, he pulled a Kalashnikov rifle from a suitcase and opened fire on those at the door, the report suggested, adding that, in total, he may have fired more than 180 bullets.

Calling the terrorist attack a “dirty game,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed that his country will remain level-headed and stand together against terrorism. He promised to retaliate against not only the militant jihadists themselves, but also “the forces behind them” by foiling their “economic, political and social attacks.”

READ MORE: Erdogan brands Istanbul attack ‘dirty game,’ vows to crush terrorism

Turkey’s military operation against Islamic State in Syria makes it vulnerable and a target of Daesh [IS],” political expert from Middle East Technical University, Huseyin Bagci, told RT.

I do expect this type of assassinations this year more, as the more Turkey is fighting Daesh [Islamic State] together with the regional countries, the more it will become the target of such Daesh terrorism,” he said, adding that “the Turkish government in 2017 will face much more challenges than in 2016.”

Turkey President Claims Has Video Evidence Obama Is Supporting ISIS



President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey is once again making accusations that the United States is directly supporting ISIS. He’s been mixed up in rumors of his supposed profiteering from the illicit ISIS oil trade in the past, so his accusations carry with them a need for healthy skepticism. Still, he is adamant in his allegations and says he’s got irrefutable evidence.

His claims go beyond the single step of removal from direct involvement, our maintaining the implausible plausible deniability of aiding the so-called “freedom fighters” or rebels, the insulation the US has relied upon in arming, training and financing Obama’s terrorist allies in the past. It’s more than an acknowledgment of the rebranding of ISIS terrorists, our supposed enemy, as anonymous factions under the White House subversive.

It’s beyond the contention of the Russians or the photographic evidence that John McCain was foolish enough to provide, what is basically little more than a choice in headscarf colors, the difference between their equivalent of the crips and the bloods, as being the “legitimizing factor” for aiding our terrorist enemies as the non-existent moderate freedom fighters.

Erdogan said in his Tuesday comments that he has “confirmed evidence” that US-led forces have supported ISIS. Erdogan stated in no uncertain terms that “it’s very clear” the US is supporting ISIS. He said, “They were accusing us of supporting Daesh (ISIS). Now they give support to terrorist groups including Daesh, YPG, PYD. It’s very clear. We have confirmed evidence, with pictures, photos and videos.” YPG and PYD are Kurdish groups that Erdogan regards as terrorists operating against Turkey.

Flanked by the visiting Guinean President Alpha Conde, Erdogan said, ”The coalition forces are unfortunately not keeping their promises. Whether they do or they don’t, we will continue along this path in a determined way. There is no going back on the path we have set out on.”

Erdogan complained “They are supporting all the terror groups — the YPG, PYD but also including Daesh (ISIS)  It’s quite clear, perfectly obvious,” he said, adding that Turkey could provide proof in pictures and video. During a November visit to Pakistan Erdogan made similar claims, alleging “the West stands by Daesh (ISIS) right now” and its weapons were Western-made. At the time he declined to provide his evidence for inspection.

He needs to be more forthcoming this time around. If he’s got the evidence, show it. Certainly none of us would be surprised to learn that Obama is behind ISIS, it’s already well known. We would like to put our hands on his proof, though, in order to properly charge Obama and convict him.


‘Ludicrous claim’: US denies involvement in assassination of Russian envoy to Turkey


The US roundly denied accusations of being involved in the killing of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov, as Ankara links the chilling attack to Fethullah Gulen, a self-exiled Turkish cleric residing in Pennsylvania with Washington’s approval.


“It’s a ludicrous claim, absolutely false, there’s no basis of truth in it whatsoever,” US State Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters during a daily press briefing on Tuesday.

Just hours after Ambassador Karlov was shot dead in Ankara, top Turkish officials claimed the trail of the shocking attack leads to the US.


“Any notion that the United States was in any way supportive of this or behind this or even indirectly involved is absolutely ridiculous,” Kirby added.

During a telephone conversation on Tuesday, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told US Secretary of State John Kerry that “both Turkey and Russia know the Gulenist Terror Cult (FETO) was behind Russian envoy Karlov’s assassination,” according to Daily Sabah.

Fethullah Gulen, the 74-year-old cleric, was a popular preacher and former imam before starting his own movement. He was a staunch ally of Erdogan when the Turkish leader was rising to power, but the two fell out and have become bitter rivals.

Ankara claims that Gulen created a “parallel state” in Turkey in the form of a network of supporters among Turkish officials, and accuses him of masterminding the failed military coup in July.

Commenting on the issue, Kirby said that Secretary Kerry “did raise his concerns about some of the rhetoric coming out of Turkey with respect to American involvement / support, tacit or otherwise, for this unspeakable assassination yesterday because of the presence of Mr. Gulen here in the United States.”

Kirby also promised a full readout of Kerry-Cavusoglu phone call, to be released soon.

Ambassador Karlov was attacked at an art exhibition in Ankara by an armed man said to be an off-duty Turkish police officer, Mevlut Altintas. The diplomat was several minutes into his opening speech when Altintas pulled out a gun, shouted “Allahu Akbar,” and fired multiple shots.

The man then shouted in Turkish: “Don’t forget Aleppo! Don’t forget Syria! Only death can take me from here. Everyone who is involved in this suffering will pay a price.” Before he was killed by Turkish Special Forces, he also yelled in Arabic: “We are the one who pledged allegiance to Muhammad, to wage jihad.”


Thirteen people in Turkey, including Altintas’ parents, sister, and two other relatives were detained in the western province of Aydin, as was his roommate in Ankara, Daily Sabah reported. Additional arrests were also carried out in Ankara province, according to NTV.

Ambassador Karlov’s body was flown back to Moscow on Tuesday evening after receiving military honors in Turkey. Russian secret services have launched an investigation into the killing.

In his time as ambassador, Karlov led his diplomatic mission through a troubled period in Russian-Turkish relations. He also served as Russian ambassador to North Korea. Russian officials, as well as foreign counterparts, describe him as an intelligent and extremely knowledgeable professional.


Turkey’s pro-government media promptly cast blame for murder on cleric Fetullah Gulen who has been granted refuge in rural Pennsylvania

Zero HedgeDECEMBER 20, 2016

Following yesterday’s Ankara tragedy in which a 22-year-old Turkish off-duty police officers assassinated the Russian ambassador, Turkey found itself in a scapegoat vacuum, having nobody to blame: after all, following this summer’s failed “coup”, Erdogan allegedly purged all forces who were hostile to his administration, which would suggest the police officer was one of “Erdogan’s people.” That however quickly changed when this morning Turkey’s pro-government media outlets and journalists promptly cast the  blame for the cold-blooded murder on the US, and the faith-based Gulen movement whose cleric Fetullah Gulen has been granted refuge in rural Pennsylvania, for the murder of the Russian ambassador to Turkey by a police officer on Monday evening.

The gunman, Mevlut Mert Altintas, chanted Islamist slogans also used by radical terrorist organization the Al Nusra Front after he shot Karlov to death at an art gallery in Ankara. Yet, many pro-government newspapers and columnists did not hesitate to label the gunman a member of “FETÖ,” a term the government coined to call the Gulen movement a terrorist organization, and also talked about the US role in the murder from their front pages on Tuesday.

The pro-government Yeni Safak newspaper announced the murder of the ambassador with a headline saying, “Great sabotage.” The daily said “The pro-FETÖ assassins of the CIA have been mobilized” in order to ruin Turkish-Russian relations. “It is stated that the US has begun open attacks [against Turkey] over FETÖ,” said the daily.

Another pro-government newspaper, the Sabah daily, blasted “Assassination to friendship from vile FETÖ,” in the headline of its main story on Tuesday. The daily said dirty hands took action at a time when relations between Turkey and Russia have begun to normalize.

A third staunchly pro-government daily, Star, said in the headline of its main story on Tuesday: “Bullet from FETÖ to Turkish-Russian relations.” The same exact headline was also used by the pro-government Aksam daily. Aksam said the Russian ambassador was killed by a police officer who attended a university preparation course affiliated with the Gülen movement.

The pro-government Takvim daily said the Western alliance went crazy due to rapprochement between Turkey and Russia and “sent one of the cat’s paws among us and had the Russian ambassador killed in Ankara.”

Pro-government journalists also accused the US and the Gulen movement of the murder of the Russian ambassador.

“The US, which let the rule of the world slip from its hands, is committing suicide attacks through the hands of terror organizations in many countries. Turkey is in first place. They will not manage to do this,” wrote pro-government journalist Fatih Tezcan from his Twitter account on Tuesday.

Another pro-government journalist, ?brahim Karagül, wrote from his Twitter account that the murder of the Russian ambassador would inflict damage not on Turkish-Russian relations but on Turkish-US relations. “Pro-FETÖ assassination teams have been activated. CIA intelligence games have begun. Sleeper cells have woken up. Turkey and Russia are open targets,” he wrote.

According to pro-government journalist Ömer Turan, the aim of Monday’s assassination was to prevent rapprochement between Turkey and Russia.

“I have been making a big effort for months to explain that ‘deep’ NATO will do its best to prevent this,” wrote Turan from his Twitter account on Tuesday.

Turkish-Russian relations collapsed in November 2015 when Turkey downed a Russian jet when it violated Turkish airspace. However, over 2016, there has been tangible an improvement in relations as Turkey has been seeking to pivot away from a European sphere of influence and cozy up to Putin. In an attempt to repair the damage both Erdogan and Putin made statements that yesterday’s attack was an attempt to damage relations between the two countries and to sabotage the ongoing Syria peace process.