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Clinton Cash investigates how Bill and Hillary Clinton went from being “dead broke” after leaving the White House to amassing a net worth of over $150 million, with over $2 billion in donations to their foundation. This wealth was accumulated during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as US Secretary of State through lucrative speaking fees and contracts paid for by foreign companies and Clinton Foundation donors.

Dennis B

Just when I thought seen and heard t all, this………. I give up.

Step 1: Declare certain countries as enemy states Step 2: Extort companies that want to do business with them Step 3: Profit

Wait………..the Clintons are dirty?? The CLINTONS????? Gee, Who’da thunk?
Mukarram Dhorajiwala

And somehow Clinton is still Leading the Polls… If people is U.S are that stupid thn they deserve economic turmoil.
Natali Chia

Americans aren’t dumb, they are brainwashed. They’re told that Clinton and her ilk stand for “humanity” and “tolerance” and anyone who opposes them are “evil Nazis” …. They prey on young people’s good hearts and desire to help people by hiding behind fake initiatives and pretend charity that’s main purpose is to make them richer and more powerful. They start the brainwashing on kids as young as 6 in our schools and it continues to college. Every major media outlet spreads the propaganda. Only the internet news sources have been able to puncture this wall of lies and propaganda to show Americans that will look for the truth the rotten truth about politicians like Clinton and many others.

Days after ISIS calls for baseball bat attacks, Muslim migrants attack truckers with bats in Calais


“A new ISIS terror video has urged followers to use household goods to conduct jihad against the West….they are told to equip themselves with baseball bats…”

“The dashcam footage shows a group of men standing in between the branches and the lorry, armed with baseball bats and large sticks which they wave at the Flemish trucker.”

What a coincidence.

“Calais truckers fear for their lives as migrants armed with BASEBALL BATS attack them,” by Alix Culbertson, Express, August 24, 2016:

A THRONG of violent armed migrants have been filmed holding up a UK-bound lorry as they battled to scramble onboard vehicles in Calais.

Mountains of branches can be seen on the main road into the northern French port, blocking off the essential thoroughfare into Britain.

The dashcam footage shows a group of men standing in between the branches and the lorry, armed with baseball bats and large sticks which they wave at the Flemish trucker.

As the driver puts his foot down on the accelerator, one of the men hits the lorry’s cab.

Driver Marc Lombaerts, told Belgian media: “If I dared put my foot down, they immediately made it clear that they would strike the windshield.”

The terrifying incident emerged on the same day as a 37-year-old Ethiopian migrant was murdered and 15 others seriously injured during a “hugely violent” fight between rival UK-bound gangs from Sudan and Afghanistan.

The latest figures show the lawless Jungle camp in Calais has now increased its numbers to more than 9,000 migrants attempting to get to Britain, despite the demolition of most of the camp by French authorities….

A source close to the murder probe said: “As two gangs from Sudan and Afghanistan competed to get on to the motorway to stop the lorries a fight broke out.

“Weapons including knives and sharpened sticks were used and the situation got very violent. It was a hugely violent fight and there were similar disturbances in other parts of the road system.”…

“‘Use baseball bats, power drills and screwdrivers’: New ISIS propaganda video urges lone wolves to wield household objects to jihad against the West,” by Darren Boyle, MailOnline, August 22, 2016:

A new ISIS terror video has urged followers to use household goods to conduct jihad against the West.

In the video, self-radicalised jihadis are urged to follow example of Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel who used a rented truck to launch a devastating attack on Bastille Day celebrations in Nice killing 86 people.

During the film, terrorists are advised they do not require sophisticated weaponry or explosives to launch an attack.

Instead, they are told to equip themselves with baseball bats, power drills, screw drivers and even hypodermic syringes.

According to PJ Media, the new video – which lasts for almost 20 minutes – concentrates on the United States and France….

Sen. Chris Coons defends Clinton after damaging AP report

Published on Aug 25, 2016

Reports highlight State Department access granted to Clinton Foundation donors

Jill Gizzio

Anyone defending Clinton is only admitting their own corruption. How stupid are these people?
Mark Machado

And only 10%goes to charity nothing but money laundering

160 million came into foundation and only 9 million went to “help” people.   WOW such a great charity.    love that 85% expense cost

another guy paid by wall street
Carol Garofolo

Liar. Clinton tool.
David Marshall

This guy is a Senator??? Quote “AP Cherry picked” it took AP 3 years to get only 2 yrs out of 4, from the State Dept. to release the info….. Which AP stated in the Article. So this guy is to make laws and can not even read a news paper article…..sad times.