‘F-CK AMERICA’: Muslim Chick Goes NUTS When Husband Gets Deported For SCAMMING Our Welfare

Deported? But… But… Hillary Clinton isn’t even INDICTED, and look what SHE got away with!

The precious darlings were shocked that he should be deported. Angry too.

After all, he was just (according to the mayor) one of the worst shop owners for welfare fraud. And he burglarized a home.

So, when he gets busted and sent packing, it’s somehow America’s fault?

Thank-you Progressives… that culture of entitlement you’re hawking? It’s working out REALLY well for America.
mleczko6 days ago
Muslims. Not even once.

Joe Brunner
Joe Brunner18 hours ago
Lack of culture is not a culture. They don’t add anything to benefit American Society, they take and they take and they take…

bte3206 days ago
Back where you belong, filthy Muslims. Deport!

Scifimom6 days ago
I am extremely happy! Glad he got caught. I hope he and his family get deported to whatever shit hole they came from. They were only here to abuse whatever they could. “Fuck you all, fuck America”? OK, leave.

CLINTON: Give Detroit Jobs To Syrian Refugees…


In a previously little-noticed video from February at the Clinton Global Initiative, former President Bill Clinton suggested that the U.S. use Syrian refugees to rebuild Detroit.

“The truth is that the big loser in this over the long run is going to be Syria. This is an enormous opportunity for Americans,” Bill Clinton said about the Syrian migrant crisis.

Detroit has 10,000 empty, structurally sound houses—10,000. And lot of jobs to be had repairing those houses. Detroit just came out of bankruptcy and the mayor’s trying to do an innovative sort of urban homesteading program there. But it just gives you an example of what could be done. And I think any of us who have ever had any personal experience with either Syrian Americans or Syrian refugees think it’s a pretty good deal.

It is unclear from the video why Clinton seems to think it would be better to fill these Detroit jobs with imported foreign migrants rather than unemployed Americans already living there, who could perhaps benefit from good-paying jobs.

In the video, Clinton discusses the migrant crisis with billionaire and mass migration enthusiast Hamdi Ulukaya of the Chobani yogurt empire.

Ulukaya has become a figure of controversy for his decision to fill his yogurt plants with foreign refugees rather than unemployed Americans. At the World Economic Forum in Davos earlier this year, Ulukaya encouraged other global elites to follow his lead.

The unearthed video seems to underscore Donald Trump’s recent declaration that, “Hillary Clinton would rather provide a job to a refugee from overseas than to give that job to unemployed African-American youth in cities like Detroit who have become refugees in their own country.”

Hillary Clinton has called for a 550 percent expansion to the importation of Syrian refugees. Based on the minimum figures she has put forth thus far, a President Hillary Clinton could potentially import a population of refugees (620,000) that nearly equals thepopulation of Detroit (677,116).

Trump has previously explained that, “for the amount of money Hillary Clinton would like to spend on refugees, we could rebuild every inner city in America.” According to a September 2015 Rasmussen survey, 85 percent black voters oppose Clinton’s refugee agenda to admit more than 100,000 Middle Eastern refugees—with less than one percent of black voters (.56 percent) in favor of her refugee plan.

Yet during the Clinton Global Initiative discussion, Bill Clinton seemed to suggest that the U.S. ought to accept more Syrian refugees—on top of the tens of thousands of refugees the U.S. already admits annually from other nations across the globe. In particular, Clinton praised Turkey for having taken in 2 million Syrian refugees.

“Turkey, as you probably know, has by far the largest number of Syrian refugees—there are more than 2 million there,” Clinton said.

“The Turks have done a really admirable job of taking in all these refugees,” Clinton said later in his remarks.

“In the last two years, 24 percent of all the new businesses started in Turkey were started by Syrian refugees. I mean, these people are incredibly gifted and very hard working,” Clinton added.

Clinton did not mention the fact that, in the United States, 91.4 percent of recent refugees from the Middle East are on food stamps, and 68.3 percent are on cash welfare, according to data from the Office of Refugee Resettlement in the Department of Health and Human Services.

During the discussion, Ulukaya seemed enthusiastic about the potential transformation of entire communities that could result from large-scale immigration.

“There’s a town actually in the eastern part of Turkey, it’s called Kilis, [where] sixty percent of the whole town is refugees. I mean, this all happened in the last three, four years,” Ulukaya said, noting earlier in his remarks that, “I’m proud of what the people of Turkey and what people in the government are trying to do on this issue. It’s huge.”

Clinton suggested that it’s “important” to focus on the entrepreneurship of Syrian migrants rather than address the public’s opposition to the importation of large numbers of refugees from terror-prone regions of the world.

I know what caused all the fear and reluctance. It was Paris. Because 6,000 people went from Europe to ISIS-land, [and] about 1,500 came home. If one percent of them was radicalized then sort of sneaked back in with evil intentions, that’s about how many people it took to kill all of those people in Paris. So people are thinking like that, but the tradition of the Syrians is amazing…

Clinton apparently did not feel it necessary to in any way answer these concerns, other than to simply insists that Syrians are “amazing”. Nor did Clinton address the fact that — as the Chairman of the House Counterterrorism and Intelligence Subcommittee hasexplained — there is “no real way of vetting, to any extent, these refugees coming in.”

To bolster his argument about the entrepreneurial spirit of Middle Eastern refugees, Clinton cited some personal anecdotes.

For instance, Clinton noted that he has a friend working with the IRC who filmed and asked “several thousand” Syrians arriving in Turkey “literally coming off the boat… ‘What were you doing before you left your home?’ And they were overwhelmingly small business people, workers, and not a small number of professionals,” Clinton said.

Clinton later added: “In America… the largest Syrian settlements are in Cleveland, [Ohio] and Dearborn, Michigan. And if you went up there and said something bad about them, you could get in a fight—not with a Syrian—but with someone who’s Irish or African American or Hispanic or Polish because they are such a part of the community. They have made such amazing contributions.”

Clinton did not address any of the cultural or national security challenges that have accompanied large-scale migration from predominantly Muslim third world nations into these American communities in Michigan and Ohio.

When Clinton asked Ulukaya how many refugees should be brought into the U.S., Ulukaya did not answer specifically, but pointed to the work that Germany has done in accepting large flows of refugees. Trump has previously warned that “Hillary Clinton wants to be America’s Angela Merkel”. Ulukaya said:

I listened to Madeleine Albright the other day… She said, you know, we’re not doing enough. And I was in Germany just after. Looking at Hamburg, Hamburg took almost 90,000 refugees. And I was with the mayor and for two days we looked at the refugee centers [and] what they did. They were prepared to take 500-600, you know, that’s what they were doing for years. Now they took 90,000.

Neither Bill Clinton nor Ulukaya mentioned the fact that the U.S. already takes in 70,000 refugees annually — on top of the additional thousands of Syrian refugees President Obama and House Speaker Paul Ryan pushed to resettle in the country this year alone.

During the discussion, Ulukaya boasted about how he has “11 different nationalities [represented] in Chobani factories” and how he had to hire “11 different translators into the factory” because the local company employees couldn’t communicate with one another.

“Every summer, we do our Chobani picnic and, you should see, it’s [like the] United Nations in there,” Ulukaya proudly declared about his U.S.-based company.

Ulukaya explained that Syrian refugees “bring flavors to the community just like in… Twin Falls, [Idaho]” where Ulukaya’s yogurt factory is based.

As Leo Hohmann has previously reported, “the state of Idaho, despite its reputation as a mostly white, conservative farm state, has been a popular destination for refugees in recent years”— in large part due to Ulukaya’s efforts to import refugees to work in his yogurt factory.

“Ulukaya opened the world’s largest yogurt factory in Twin Falls about two years ago, and the plant now employs 600 people with about 30 percent of those jobs filled by foreign refugees shipped to the U.S. from United Nations camps in the Middle East and Africa,” Hohmann writes.

Twin Falls is in line to receive about 300 refugees this year, many of them Muslims from Syria… The U.S. State Department has shipped more than 11,000 refugees directly from the Third World to Idaho since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Just in the past year, 989 refugees have arrived in the rural state, most of them landing in either Boise or Twin Falls. Nearly half have come from some of the world’s nastiest jihadist hot zones, including 95 from Iraq, 94 from Somalia, 47 from Sudan, 39 from Afghanistan, 31 from Iran, 28 from Syria and 11 from Pakistan, according to the federal refugee database.

In recent months, the mass importation of refugees has become a topic of controversy in Idaho— as American communities have struggled with some unique assimilation challenges posed by large-scale migration from the Third World.

In June, Iraqi and Sudanese refugees allegedly sexually assaulted a five year-old American girl in Twin Falls, Idaho. According to allegations, one refugee attempted to anally and orally penetrate the five-year-old, in addition to urinating on her, while another refugee watched and filmed the assault.

In an interview with Breitbart News, the father of the American girl said he had watched thirty seconds of the tape:

Thirty seconds showed them in the laundry room, they pulled my daughter around, pushed her up against the wall, pulled her pants off, he dropped his pants, he was trying to get her from behind… after that… [he] tried doing the front… oral [sex] with her, he shoved it in her mouth…He peed all over her in her mouth, all over her body, her face, head… [he] defiled her.

Then in August, an African refugee, Mohammed Hussein Elda, allegedly trapped and sexually assaulted a 33 year-old mentally disabled woman in Twin Falls, Idaho.

In order to deal with some of the challenges to assimilation, the Office for Idaho Refugeesproduced a brochure to help American employers who are looking to hire refugees and need assistance in dealing with the cultural differences of new arrivals from the third world.

The brochure recommends, in some cases, avoiding eye contact with migrant employees, which for Burmese migrants can be “considered an act of challenge”. The brochure also recommends avoiding discussion about employee’s female family members, which to Afghan migrants can be seen as “an act requiring revenge”.

Clinton concluded the CGI discussion by praising Ulukaya for his work in Twin Falls and urged other CEOs present at the Clinton Global Initiative to follow Ulukaya’s example. “We need more companies like this,” Clinton said.

Welfare Moochers FURIOUS After THESE Signs Posted At Grocery Stores

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 12.42.35 PM



A lot of Obama supporting welfare moochers are furious over some special signs that are popping up at Wawa grocery stores in Philadelphia.

The signs tell the leeches that their stores are no longer going to be accepting food stamps and to GET A JOB! Lol, too funny but TRUE!

“We are no longer accepting EBT. Please use cash or credit. If you do not have cash or credit then maybe it’s time to get a job.”

The signs were posted on The Philly Offensive Facebook page and is already going viral! Almost 6,000 people have liked it this week and people are sharing it because they are sick and tired of welfare peasants who refuse to work and just live off of us hardworking taxpayers.

Lol. They are getting some hate from people that are on welfare. I should note that the Facebook page that posted this is an entertainment site so this was just a harmless prank.

Obviously not everyone that receives help from the government (you and I) is gaming the system of course. I have no problem helping the needy.

But the fact remains that there are millions of perfectly able-bodied, healthy people that would rather live for free instead of working.

To those people I say- GET A JOB!!!

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 12.44.47 PM


Candidate cynically panders to welfare class voting Democrat

JULY 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton believes gangs are an adequate substitute for the family. She makes the remark in the video below posted by Dinesh D’Souza on July 15.
“Joining a gang is like having a family,” Clinton said during a discussion on gun violence in Connecticut. “It’s feeling like you are a part of something bigger than yourself. So we’re either going to have gangs that murder and rob and do the things that are so destructive to their members and to the community, or we’re going to have positive gangs, we’re going to have positive alternatives for young people.”

Sociologists have conclusively demonstrated the formation of gangs correlates to the breakdown of the family under state-run social welfare and is the largest contributor to crime.
“The relationship [between single-parent families and crime] is so strong that controlling for family configuration erases the relationship between race and crime and between low income and crime,” notes Barbara Dafoe. “This conclusion shows up time and again in the literature. The nation’s mayors, as well as police officers, social workers, probation officers, and court officials, consistently point to family break up as the most important source of rising rates of crime.”

Clinton ignores the fact the family is the foundation of civilization and the welfare system destroys that foundation.

In Losing Ground: American Social Policy 1950-1980, Charles Murray reveals how welfare under Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” destroyed families and resulted in violence and social nihilism. Since 1964, the federal government has spent approximately $16 trillion on welfare, a figure that translates to 15% of the GNP.

“Broken families are causally related to all sorts of indices of social failure: criminal behavior, gang membership, lower education, less general achievement, unemployment, jail sentences, out-of-wedlock births, etc.,” writes Walter E. Block.
“[Gang activity] is dysfunctional culture. For her to sit up there and embrace this as if it’s something that’s socially acceptable in the black community,” Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. said after Clinton praised gangs as a viable alternative to the traditional family.

“She should have brought that up and said ‘we gotta change these policies so we can help the black community reconstruct their family experience so kids can make better lifestyle choices.”

Clinton was not attempting to provide a solution to a serious social problem, however. She was courting Democrat voters ahead of the November election.

A survey by the Maxwell Poll on the political affiliation of Americans receiving government aid shows that 81% of those in public housing, 74% on Medicaid, 67% on food stamps, and 63% receiving welfare or public assistance vote for Democrats.


Freedom-based uprisings worldwide worrying globalists

Mary A

CONTROL THE PUBLIC’S FOOD SUPPLY, AND YOU CONTROL THE PUBLIC. The recent EBT system “breakdown” caused panic & “food riots” in several American cities. Food Stamp recipients went ballistic when told that their EBT cards weren’t being accepted. This scenario has already taken place in Brazil, Venezuela, and various other nations. REMEMBER, over 100 MILLION Americans now receive some form of government aid, just to make ends meet. This includes Food Stamps, Welfare, Aid to Families with Dependent Children, & more. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THIS “AID” STOPS ???

All bets are off after the next election.
Fatime Oomyadin

Do you really think it will only affect the USA? What about the EU? And don’t you recognise this would only mean heading to the status you have already gifted to millions of innocent people in the Middle East, with your wars? Did you really think that those who did this on people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen… would spare you out, wouldkeep you safe and comfortable?

I dont believe it happens! But prepare for worse, hope for the best!

Everybody who catches a whiff of government preparation screams “NWO, NWO, They’re gonna force World Government on us! Sound the alarm!” My concern is that the government hasn’t nearly made sufficient preparation for the collapse of the World Economy. Whether it’s maintain law and order and provide security to preserve the Republic or maintain law and order and security to usher in NWO, the need to maintain security is still vital and must be prepared for. I think they probably know that the economic collapse is coming and have known for years. In fact, the economic collapse and Mega Bank insolvency has probably already occurred and they’ve just been printing money to give themselves time to prepare for the inevitable. The economic pros and banking insiders have probably come to the conclusion years ago, that there’s no saving the economy and the only solution is a Global Reset – not just a Debt Jubilee but a complete vaporization of both Debts and monetary Assets like savings, checking, retirement accounts etc. I don’t know what they have planned regarding physical assets. The best case scenario is that they have a plan. A worse-case scenario and the one that meshes with Bible prophecy is that they don’t have a plan or they don’t have a very good one.
Eric Warncke Sr

too late – – we’re already in the stone age . . . there’s no jobs . . everybody’s unemployed . . everybody’s on welfare . . everybody’s on drugs . . everybody thinks hillary should be next president . . america is just a country full of the stupidest people on the planet . . trying desperately to kill themselves off . . just vote for hillary and you are on your way.
Mr gutitdragit

Most people don’t have a gallon of water stored in their homes. If their faucet shuts off they call the utility company to cry and complain. The same people are the ones laughing at the preppers for being paranoid.

Entitlement Mentality Gone Wild

Yes ladies and gentlemen it is real. Everything your about to see or have already seen is real. Most of us have our collective jaws on the floor.

teejay Trujillo

Amazing all of those disabled people sprinting across that park for free housing.  It’s a Miracle!
Ed Stevens

Easiest way to disperse this type of crowd…tell them this is a job fair, not section 8 housing.
Rob Koch

Anytime a woman has more than 3 kids, and from different fathers, and has no clue who the father is NEEDS to have her tubes tied. PERIOD. The American citizens are sick of supporting these low life idiots.
Creepy Renz (RenzFinality)

1:45 Someone needs to be held accountable? what about you and the deadbeat(s) you fucked?
Kz Teligo

Black people of america are like gypsies of Russia and eastern Europe

I actually had to pause to work out the math of being 37 with 15 kids.

how come their all black women? someone should be accountable.. how about you. how many different baby daddies does she have.. gross. how sad. be accountable for your self, close your legs. be a grown up. pay your own way. it so sad that the people who contribute the least us the most..