What Do They Know? High-Level Govt Officials Reportedly Flocking to ‘Doomsday’ Camps

High-level government officials and national security officers are reported flocking to “doomsday camps” around the country citing “inevitable” events as the impetus behind the move.

By Matt Agorist

A rather unsettling report out of Washington D.C. this month shows that high-level government officials and national security officers are flocking to a network of doomsday camps. Exactly why they are doing so is unclear, however, it raises the question: what do they know that we don’t?

As the Washington Examiner reports, a building network of backwoods doomsday camps around the country are pulling in members from affluent areas and even Washington national security officials as the threats grow from nuclear war, an EMP or virus attack.

One such camp is called the Fortitude Ranch which provides all the amenities of a private doomsday camp but is more affordable because it is shared.


“We’re seeing members from all the three letter agencies,” said Fortitude creator Drew Miller, a retired Air Force colonel, and intelligence officer, in a reference to the Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Miller claims that an attack on the electrical grid inside the United States is “inevitable” and the impetus behind the Fortitude Ranch.

As the Examiner reports, one of his members from the Baltimore area, speaking on background, said that he and others joined after “waking up” to the potential of a national crisis from an attack, financial meltdown or political violence. “For most of us, something rattled our cages and woke us up,” he said.

Miller explains that most of his members are government officials from the Washington D.C. area who don’t have the time to build their own doomsday bunkers. “We’re seeing members from all the three letter agencies,” said Miller.

“You’d have to be an idiot not to think it will happen,” said Miller, author of “Rohan Nation: Reinventing America After the 2020 Collapse.” Miller also said that the camps are nearly as survivable in an attack as the Mt. Weather FEMA site near Virginia’s Shenandoah River where several Washington leaders were housed after the 9/11 attacks, according to SHTFP.

According to the description on their website, Fortitude Ranch is a survival community equipped to survive any type of disaster and long-term loss of law and order, managed by full time staff.  Fortitude Ranch is affordable (about $1,000/person annually) because of large numbers of members and economies of scale.

Miller says the camps are funded by the creation of a cryptocurrency called “Fortitude” which was sold to raise more than $400,000.

As TFTP previously reported, the theory that the super elite have turned into “Doomsday preppers” stockpiling supplies in preparation for the end of the world as we know it, is more than just a theory, and the latest properties purchased by the world’s top billionaires give insight into how they plan to survive.

The cause of such an event is debatable—will an asteroid collide with Earth, or will nuclear warfare break out between two colliding super powers?

Forbes Contributor Jim Dobson noted that in addition to preparing for future escape plans with ‘vacation homes’ in remote locations,” and “private planes ready to depart at a moment’s notice,” some of the wealthiest individuals in the U.S. are buying large amounts of land that can be used for self-survival.

Tele-Communications CEO John Malone owns a total of 2.2 million acres, with massive amounts in Wyoming and Colorado. CNN founder Ted Turner owns 2 million acres that includeFEMA land in Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico and North Dakota. AEG CEO Philip Anschutz owns 434,000 acres in Wyoming. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos owns 400,000 acres of land in Texas. And sports mogul Stan Kroenke owns 225,162 acres of land in Montana.

Dobson also noted that this type of preparation extends worldwide to moguls in Australia and New Zealand who are buying massive amounts of farmland. Because money and precious metals would be virtually useless following a major disaster, self-sustainable territory and the tools that come with it appear to be the new hot commodity.

Future map of the United States by Gordon- Michael Scallion

The series of “Doomsday maps” produced by Gordon-Michael Scallion with the Matrix Institute give insight into what the world would look like if a massive Asteroid or comet collided with Earth, and led to a polar shift that resulted in a cataclysmic change. While it is all still speculative, NASA’s Asteroid watch website estimates that such an event could happen as early as 2021.

As The Free Thought Project reported last year, the concept of the super-rich preparing to survive a worldwide disaster is nothing new—former Facebook product manager Antonio García Martínez and Reddit CEO Steve Huffman are among the moguls openly preparing for a major crisis.

“I think, to some degree, we all collectively take it on faith that our country works, that our currency is valuable, the peaceful transfer of power—that all of these things that we hold dear work because we believe they work. While I do believe they’re quite resilient, and we’ve been through a lot, certainly we’re going to go through a lot more,” Huffman said.

The U.S. government is also preparing for the worst. In March 2012, former President Obama signed an executive order titled, “National Defense Resources Preparedness” into law, giving agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Agriculture, Department of Labor and Department of Defense the authority to seize resources, materials and facilities it deems necessary to ensure national defense.

Whether a worldwide crisis is caused by an asteroid hitting the Earth or a nuclear war breaking out, the decisions made by the elite should always act as signals for the public. When the individuals who already have massive amounts of money are preparing for a time when money is no longer valuable and self-sustainable farmland is the most precious resource, then it is time to start paying attention.

Illegal Immigrants Could Vote with Chicago ID Card, Says GOP Candidate Who Fell Short

Former governor and Illinois attorney General candidate Pat Quinn, who was defeated in the primary by Kwame Raoul, holds up his ballot for the press after he finished voting March 20, 2018, in Chicago. (Tyler LaRiviere/Chicago Sun-Times via AP)

By Rod Kackley

State Rep. Jeanne Ives wasn’t able to unseat Gov. Bruce Rauner in the Illinois GOP gubernatorial primary Tuesday. But as the rebellious Republican told her supporters in suburban Chicago, “It was still one of the most historic nights ever in the state of Illinois.”

“Today, the popular vote against the political ruling class fell just a bit short. But I will tell you, we are very proud of the effort that we have made in this campaign,” Ives said as she conceded the election to Rauner.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported Rauner won the primary by only 3.4 percentage points. If Ives had been victorious, Rauner would have become the first Illinois governor in over four decades to be kicked out of office by his party’s voters.

“This is an insurgent campaign that started less than five months ago, and to come this close to taking out the worst Republican governor in America is phenomenal,” Ives said.

Ives, as PJM reported, lampooned Rauner during the campaign with an ad that included a man wearing a dress thanking the Illinois governor for “signing legislation that allows me to use the girls’ bathroom.”

A woman in the same ad thanked Rauner for forcing Illinois families to “pay for my abortion.”

But she lost. So now Ives returns to the Illinois legislature where she has promised to rally her troops to take aim at Chicago’s most powerful Democrat, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and the Windy City law that, Ives said, allows illegal aliens to vote in public elections.

Standing beside her will be the only Chicago alderman with an (R) beside his name, Republican Anthony Napolitano.

During a joint press conference March 8, Ives and Napolitano warned that Chicago’s “CityKey” ID card, which municipal officials said was intended to give immigrants the paperwork needed to take advantage of social services, could be used to open voting booths to illegal aliens.

Ives pointed out what she sees as the hypocrisy of Democrats worrying about Russia’s influence in the 2016 election, while at the same time trying to “encourage such illegality when it comes to local elections.”

“Their hypocrisy is breathtaking. Accepting the CityKey as a legitimate form of identification for voter registration is literally suborning voter fraud. And the political class in the sanctuary city of Chicago is brazen about this fact,” Ives added.

“Documenting undocumented people” would “change elections,” Napolitano said before he also pointed out that he is the son of an immigrant.

“(It would) change elections in Chicago. Change elections in the state of Illinois … to entice or encourage people to go register to vote who are illegal immigrants,” he said.

The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights said in a statement to Capitol Fax that the CityKey ID card is actually intended to help all Chicago residents who might not have any other valid government-issued identification, like a driver’s license.

“When people register to vote, they need to attest that they are U.S. citizens. If noncitizens incorrectly or falsely register, they are subject not only to state criminal penalties for the improper registration but also to immigration consequences, including unwaivable lifetime bars on legal status and deportation,” the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights statement read.

The coalition also noted that “immigrants who are not yet citizens generally know that they cannot register to vote in U.S. elections.”

However, if Ives and Napolitano are unsuccessful, Illinois State Board of Election spokesman Matt Dietrich told the Illinois News Network the final decision on whether CityKey cards could be used for voter registration would be left up to local elections officials or, in effect, Chicago City Hall.

“They’re the ones who actually handle the registration, the checking of IDs, and keeping the documentation. We maintain an electronic database of voter registrations that we get from them,” said Dietrich.

“I believe, from what I’ve read, the Chicago municipal ID would live up to the qualifications under state statute for what a government-issued ID is,” Dietrich added. “So that would be a legal form of ID for the board of elections to accept.”

Jim Allen, the Chicago Election Board spokesman, said that Illinois’ voter law does require the city to accept government-issued identification, like the Chicago CityKey. But Allen also said election board officials didn’t want the CityKey sold to illegal aliens as “something to use to register to vote.”

Allen added “non-citizens” who register to vote are “gonna be deported.”

As for Mayor Emanuel, who has declared Chicago to be a “Trump-free zone,” he told the Chicago Sun-Times Ives “should take her Trump rhetoric out of the city.”


Audio confirms Parkland students being given scripted liberal talking points to push gun control

A meeting between Parkland students and anti-gun activists mobilizing for the highly anticipated March For Our Lives event in Washington, D.C. this weekend was captured on hidden audio Tuesday evening in Broward County, Florida and provided exclusively to DANGEROUS.

The meeting, which was described as a non-partisan briefing for students, parents, and staff members from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who are attending the #MarchForOurLives, was quickly exposed as being hijacked by Democratic Party top brass and fraught with extreme anti-conservative bias, misappropriation of school resources, and heavy-handed coaching for students when dealing with the media.

Held at the Marriott Hotel in Coral Springs, FL, the meeting was organized by Debby Miller, who teaches at Beachside Montessori Village, a Broward County Public School. Miller introduced herself as a representative for the Giffords Foundation, which has decided to fund and sponsor over 200 students, staff, and parents from Parkland, Florida to attend the march in Washington. Miller stated at the beginning of the meeting that the meeting space was donated by the Marriott Hotel.

The Giffords Foundation, a 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) non-profit founded by Gabby Giffords, the former Democratic congresswoman from Arizona, describes its mission as, “We research, write and propose policies that make Americans safer and mobilize voters and lawmakers in support of safer gun laws.”

During the meeting, Miller also revealed that “Southwest Airlines has decided to donate all of the seats” for everyone who is traveling to Washington with the Giffords Foundation for the illegal march.

In recent weeks, other airlines have entered into the political battleground where guns are concerned. Following the Parkland shooting, both United and Delta airlines cut their corporate ties to the National Rifle Association following the #BoycottNRA social media campaign that was launched by students in Parkland and liberal activists. However, the cutting of ties by these airlines quickly backlashed after Georgia lawmakers approved a bill that stripped out a $50 million tax break for Delta Air Lines by Republican lawmakers as a result of Delta’s new position on firearms.

Crocodile tears, via New York Times

When contacted for a statement regarding Miller’s claim that Southwest was bankrolling the anti-gun travel, Chris Mainz, a spokesperson for Southwest Airlines said, “That is not true. Southwest airlines is not providing any travel for students.”

Miller, who thought she was speaking to a room full of supporters with no cameras, revealed in the leaked audio what she called “top secret” information about the politically charged march, including Nancy Pelosi’s secret plans to participate in the anti-Trump and anti-Second Amendment protests.

“We’re also going to have things that are not on the agenda that are kind of top secret. So all of the press here just pretend like you’re not hearing this. We will be introduced on Capitol Hill by Nancy Pelosi, so that’s kind of cool. And it’s quite possible we are going to have a private meeting with Joe Biden. Don’t say anything to anyone,” Miller said.

Miller was caught saying to the students, “I want you to feel like it’s going to camp.” That “camp,” completely sponsored by some of the nation’s leading left-wing organizers and lawmakers, comes equipped with activist swag items such as Giffords t-shirts and backpacks. Students are required to wear the Giffords swag while traveling to D.C., Miller told them.

Listen to the full audio below

The other “super off-the-record” comment Miller told the students in attendance is that the Giffords Foundation failed to secure the proper permits that are required in order to hold a large march on Capitol Hill. For this reason, the “march” is illegal, unless they call it a “rally.”

“It was supposed to be a march, but shockingly they wouldn’t give permits for the march, so the march became a rally,” said Miller.

Despite failing to acquire proper permits for the event, Miller encouraged the students to break the law and march to the White House with their signs to “raise hell,” which would make students and other participants subject to arrest.

“Now I’ve heard rumors from kids that since the rally is right on Pennsylvania Avenue and the White

Student LARPers outside the White House this month, via the Wall Street Journal

House is like a twenty minute walk up the street, that that might happen So it’s conceivable that we could leave at the end of the rally and walk to the White House where we rally some more, and hold up our signs and say our piece, and create a little hell. And then go to the [National Education Association] building and have hot chocolate,” said Miller enthusiastically.

When reached for comment by DANGEROUS Miller doubled down, insisting she supports students breaking the law and marching without the required permits.

“I have no problem with civil disobedience,” she told DANGEROUS on Wednesday afternoon.   

In the recording Miller also told students, with full snark, that Republican politicians expressed interest in meeting with them. “Mitch McConnell is threatening to meet with us, not sure if he really means that or not, as is Marco Rubio, so we will see how that one goes.”

Last month at CNN’s so-called Town Hall about gun control in Broward County, CNN’s Jake Tapper sat back as a 17-year-old a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School told the Florida senator, “Senator Rubio, it’s hard to look at you and not look down the barrel on an AR-15 and not look at Nikolas Cruz.”

At that event, Students also reportedly shouted “Burn her!” at NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch.

The Tuesday meeting exposes extreme anti-conservative bias as the Giffords Foundation, in coordination with the Broward County Public School System and its teachers, as they attempt to weaponize children for a large scale protest in the nation’s capitol. The adult leftwing activists are also ensuring the student-pawns are as media-savvy as possible.

The audio confirms what conservatives have been saying since the anti-gun media onslaught following the Valentines Day school massacre in Florida: That the Parkland students are in fact being given scripted liberal talking points to push gun control.

Smokin’ hot gun babe Dana Loesch, on fire in Florida.

“The media and reporters and legislators are going to listen to sound bites. That’s how they are going to hear you. They are going to hear you in bites. In little pieces. So you need to have your talking points ready,” Miller told students.

In perhaps the most bizarre comment of the evening, Miller was also caught on the audio recording insinuating that Jews control the politicians in D.C.

“I would say something about the politicians if the Jews were in charge of the weather, but that’s not right.”

When asked about the strange comment, Miller told DANGEROUS she is Jewish and “the truth is, I wasn’t really thinking about it. I was just making a joke.”

Miller also admitted on tape to abusing tax-payer resources designated for the operation of Broward County Public Schools. With a wink and a nod, Miller laughingly told attendees how she used school resources to print off nearly 200 copies of Giffords Foundation itineraries to organize the political event.

“If you don’t have an itinerary, it’s because when I got up to like 200, my principal was like, “I’m assuming that’s not for school,” and I was like “hmmm sure it is.”

When asked about her misuse of taxpayer resources to print propaganda, Miller said, “I was kidding. I was trying to be funny. I have never used the school printer for anything.”

Miller also told DANGEROUS she is not being paid by Giffords’s foundation.

A copy of the official #MarchForOurLives itinerary obtained by DANGEROUS’s Laura Loomer indicates that the Giffords Foundation has organized a three day leftwing political bonanza for the soon-to-be voting-age students.

Besides the failed march turned rally, the students will be participating in tours of several museums, group dinners, a press conference at the U.S. Capitol where Nancy Pelosi is expected to introduce them, a private meeting with Joe Biden, student delegation meetings on Capitol Hill, a Giffords student delegation luncheon at the Newseum, a “Stay Loud” concert at the Anthem in Washington, Ice Cream socials, pizza parties, a meeting with the National Education Association, and a tour of the monuments.

The official itinerary also notes the anti-gun protesters will be traveling with “plain clothed” private security officers who will be fully armed. Yes, with guns.■

Listen to the leaked recording here:

Laura Loomer is a conservative investigative journalist and activist. Originally from Arizona, Laura began her career working as an undercover journalist for Project Veritas from 2015-2017. She covers politics, anti-Semitism, immigration, terrorism, the Islamification of the West, and voter fraud. Loomer’s investigations have been broadcasted on every major national mainstream media outlet in the United States, as well as many international publications.

‘No smoking gun’: Smack in the face for May as EU fails to back British escalation over Skripal

The UK was quick to point the blame for the Salisbury attack – but its own allies are refusing to do the same. Reports suggest EU leaders gathering in Brussels are backing away from British attempts to condemn Moscow.

After former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were exposed to the A-234 nerve agent (also known as ‘Novichok’) in Salisbury, UK Prime Minister Theresa May blamed Russia. Britain said it was “highly likely” to be a Kremlin-backed act of aggression, despite repeated denials from Moscow.

READ MORE: Accusations and threats, but where are the facts? – Russia challenges West on truth

A draft text from EU talks on the matter has emerged condemning “in the strongest possible terms” the attacks. The phrase was added to the draft text that EU leaders will discuss at a summit in Brussels on Thursday and Friday, which was obtained by Politico.

However, the question of attribution was not changed. The UK has been pushing for the Kremlin to be recognized as the perpetrator. Yet, its allies in Brussels appear to be refusing to cast judgment ahead of the evidence, unlike Downing Street.

The text says: “The EU takes extremely seriously the UK Government’s assessment that it is highly likely that the Russian Federation is responsible. The European Union is shocked at the offensive use of any military-grade nerve agent, of a type developed by Russia, for the first time on European soil in over 70 years. The use of chemical weapons by anyone under any circumstances is completely unacceptable and constitutes a security threat to us all. The Union calls on Russia to address urgently the questions raised by the UK and the international community and provide immediate, full and complete disclosure of its Novichok programme to the OPCW.”

Diplomats familiar with talks said Greece and Italy did not want the language changed. “They say that there’s no smoking gun, or at least not yet,” said an EU diplomat to Politico. Greece has denied calling for alterations but admitted it lobbied for a more “clear” text.

Theresa May’s team has been hoping for unequivocal world backing, but has not received it. She expelled 23 Russian diplomats from London last week, and has threatened further punishment.

The UK said it was not a snub by Brussels that the language is cooler than last week, especially that used by Germany and France, but said getting 27 countries to agree is difficult. It is especially damaging for Theresa May after President Putin was praised by Trump in a call after his re-election on Sunday, despite her hopes the special friendship between the UK and the US would see Trump backing her fully.

Jean-Claude Juncker also upset the UK after sending a congratulatory letter to Putin. EU leaders will discuss the new text over dinner at the European Council summit Thursday. Despite Britain’s allegations against Moscow, Russia has repeatedly insisted that the Kremlin had nothing to do with the attack on former double-agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury.

Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed the UK PM’s allegations, saying it was “nonsense and absurd to claim that Russia would do anything like that before the elections and the World Cup.”

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More Details Emerge About Austin Bomber, Including His Ridiculous Alias

By James Barrett

Since authorities revealed the identity of the Austin bombings suspect on Wednesday, more details about him and his actions have emerged, including his use of an absurdly obvious diguise and alias to ship his package bombs through FedEx that eventually led authorities to him.

When the killer showed up at the FedEx shipping facility in Schertz, Texas at around 7:30 p.m. Sunday, not only was he wearing conspicuous white gloves, an overtly fake platinum blond wig and a hat, he gave FedEx the name “Kelly Killmore.”

“He almost became arrogant,” said retired FBI agent Max Noel, who helped track the Unabomber. “To think he could get away with doing that by wearing disguises and what have you.”

Despite the “arrogant” disguise, he successfully completed the transaction, shipping two packages to addresses in Austin. One of the packages he delivered eventually exploded while on a conveyor belt at the Schertz facility; the other package was located by authorities before it went off.

While he was able to get FedEx to accept the packages, his glaringly obvious disguise appears to have led to the identification of his vehicle, a red Nissan Pathfinder, which witnesses remembered a man in a blond wig getting into outside the facility. NBC reports that witnesses “remembered seeing the man with the wig in the FedEx center, and told investigators about the car he was driving.”

“The detonation at the FedEx facility accelerated the hunt for the killer. Armed with new information about the bombing, investigators quickly established a possible suspect identity,” ABC News reports. The identification of his vehicle led to agents tracking him down to a Red Roof Inn in Round Rock, Texas:

At 1:30 a.m., Wednesday, Deputy U.S. Marshals with the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force spotted the suspect’s vehicle, a red Nissan Pathfinder, sitting in a parking lot at a hotel in Round Rock, Texas, north of Austin and set up surveillance, according to law enforcement sources briefed on the matter.

While officers waited for backup, the suspect drove out of the parking lot but soon pulled over to the side of the road. As the SWAT team converged, he detonated the explosive that killed him.

Before taking his own life, the suspect recorded a 25-minute phone recording the Interim Police Chief Brian Manley described as a “confession” to the construction of the explosive devices used in the area. “He does not at all mention anything about terrorism, nor does he mention anything about hate,” said Manley. “This is an outcry by a very challenged young man.”

The suspect’s family expressed shock and dismay that he was capable of such heinous acts. “We had no idea of the darkness that Mark must have been in. Our family is a normal family in every way,” said his aunt. “If anything, he’s low-key and peaceful,” said his grandmother, who described him as coming from “a family that is so tight, that works so hard to raise their children correctly.”

NOTE: While authorities have revealed the suspect’s name, The Daily Wire will not print it as part of our new policy of withholding the names of mass murderers, who are often partly motivated by a desire for fame.