Oops! Dem Sen. Menendez used ‘fake news’ photo of crying migrant child to preach from Senate floor

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By Tom Tillison

As the left demonstrated with the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie, truth has no place in America when pushing a political narrative.

But it’s still troubling to see a Democratic lawmaker stand on the floor of the U.S Senate and propagate misinformation, as New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez did while denouncing President Donald Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy on illegal immigration that was resulting in families being separated.

Menendez railed that Trump must stop “tearing babies from their mother’s arms,” as he displayed a photo of a young child crying as her mother interacted with a border patrol agent.

He played audio published by ProPublica of young children who reportedly had been separated from their parents crying out.

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the audio released yesterday by ProPublica is worth a million tears,” Menendez said. “How do you submit the cries of innocent children into the congressional record? I don’t know how you do that, but you can hear it.”

The photo he displayed featured the same child President Trump was seen towering over on the cover of liberal Time Magazine.

The child who was NEVER separated from her mother — although she has quite the story the media doesn’t want you to know about.

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Below, a border patrol agent who was there confirmed that the child was extremely tired and confused, but was with her mother the whole time.

Menendez was indicted on federal corruption charges in 2015 and also faced an FBI investigation over allegations that he paid for underage prostitutes during trips to the Dominican Republic, according to the Washington Post. Menendez got off via a deadlocked jury.

The Senate Ethics Committee admonished the Democrat after its own investigation, issuing a blistering letter essentially saying that Menendez was guilty of accepting bribes.

It was then back to business as usual for the lawmaker, who stood on the moral high ground this week — “as a parent” — to liken the administration’s handling of illegal immigrant children to Japanese internment camps.

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By Dominic Mancini


Mexican presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) called for mass immigration to the United States during a speech Thursday, declaring it a “human right” for all North Americans.

“And soon, very soon — after the victory of our movement — we will defend all the migrants in the American continent and all the migrants in the world,” Obrador said, adding that immigrants “must leave their towns and find a life in the United States.”

He then declared it as “a human right we will defend,” eluniversal.com reports.

While the election is not until July 1, Obrador is by far the frontrunner. (RELATED: Mag: Mexican Official Dreams Of Trump Assassination, But Most Urge Prudence)

Obrador in April delivered speech criticizing Trump and promising that Mexico will not become a “piñata” for any foreign government, Global News reports.

The former mayor of Mexico City, Obrador holds progressive populist views. The 64-year-old ran unsuccessfully for president twice before, according to DW.



MSNBC Analyst: Trump Supporters Are Like NAZI Guards

“If you vote for Trump, you are ripping children from parents’ arms”

Steve Watson | infowars.com – JUNE 22, 2018

MSNBC talking head Donny Deutsch declared on Morning Joe Friday that Americans who agree with President Trump on immigration are akin to Nazi guards.

Deutsch argued that the detention of illegal immigrants and their children is like Nazis putting jews in concentration camps, and that if Americans do not oppose it, they are as guilty as Nazi prison guards.

“This can no longer be about who Trump is, it has to be about who we are.” Deutsch exclaimed.

“We can no longer say Trump’s the bad guy. If you vote for Trump, you’re the bad guy. If you vote for Trump, you are ripping children from parents’ arms,” he said.

“What the Democrats have to do is make the next election a referendum on not who Trump is, but who you are. That’s the big difference. You can no longer now as a voter — because it’s not about taxes, it’s not even about some abstract term of immigration or nationalism,” Deutsch continued.

“If you vote for Trump then you, the voter, you, not Donald Trump, are standing at the border, like Nazis, going ‘you here, you here,’” Deutsch urged.

“And I think we now have to flip it. It’s a given the evilness of Donald Trump. If you vote, you can no longer separate yourself. You can’t say ‘well he’s okay, but.’ And I think that gymnastic and I think that jiu jitsu has to happen.” Deutsch added.

It seems the majority of the American public are with Trump, however, given that a new Rasmussen poll reveals that a majority of Americans blame illegal immigrant parents for the child crisis on the border, and almost five in nine likely American voters say the United States should not become a migrant camp for the world’s poor.

Elsewhere during the Morning Joe broadcast, Joe Scarborough declared that Trump supporters have no excuse anymore for propping up a racist.

“There is no excuse. He is a racist, he is blatant about his racism. He’s not using a dog whistle to send out his racist messages, he’s using a foghorn,” Scarborough said.

“You cannot support this man and just look at the tweets you want to look at and ignore all the other racist comments.” he added. Mediaite has the video.

Scarborough followed up with this tweet:

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The derangement of the leftist media where Trump is concerned continues to increase day by day.

Journalist and presidential historian Jon Meacham noted Thursday that the media is becoming a victim of “the longest abusive relationship in American history.”

Describing Trump’s Presidency as “nasty, brutish, and longer than we would like,” Meacham addressed journalists and said that “all of us are doing exactly what he wants, we’re sitting here talking about him and looking at him. ”


Aid Workers at Soros-Funded MSF Accused of ‘Trading Medicine for Sex’, Using Prostitutes in Africa

People walk by a traveling interactive exhibit organized by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) aimed to help people better understand the lives and challenges of some of the world's 65.3 million displaced individuals on September 23, 2016 in New York City.

By Virginia Hale

Aid workers at Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) traded medicine for sex with vulnerable young women in Africa, former employees of the open borders-backing NGO have alleged.

Whistleblowers told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme Thursday that the use of prostitutes by staff at the George Sorosfunded foreign aid NGO was “blatant and widespread”.

One of the female former employees, who were speaking anonymously for fear of being blacklisted by aid charities, reported seeing a senior member of staff bringing “very young girls” back to MSF accommodation in Kenya, adding that it was “implicit” they were prostitutes.

“My colleague, who was staying in the same residence for a long time, felt that this was a regular occurrence,” she said.

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Another whistleblower reported she was shocked after hearing a senior aid worker boast it was “so easy” swapping medicinal supplies for sex while stationed in Liberia.

“I thought, ‘what did he just say?’ He was suggesting lots of the young girls who had lost their parents in the Ebola crisis that they would do anything sexual in exchange for medication,” she told the BBC.

Commenting on whether MSF was aware of allegations that staff were using prostitutes, one former worker said she believes the organisation has a blind spot regarding “some of the older guys … [who have been at the NGO] for a long time and took advantage of their exalted status as a Western aid worker”.

“It could have been that senior management wasn’t aware of it, but there’s definitely a feeling that certain men who behave in that predatory manner are seen as too big to fail,” she said.

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Responding to the claims, an MSF spokesman said: “We do not tolerate abuse, harassment or exploitation within MSF. We are sorry for any instances where people have been subjected to harassment or abuse or have otherwise been mistreated and/or felt that it was not adequately dealt with.

“We know that MSF is not immune to these issues and we take any reports seriously,” she said, urging anyone with concerns about inappropriate behaviour to report them through the NGO’s confidential whistleblowing scheme.

In June 2016, MSF announced it would no longer take money from EU member states or Brussels in protest at the bloc’s “attempts to push people and their suffering away from European shores” through its migration deal with Turkey.

The aid sector has been engulfed in scandal in recent months, with Haiti last week statingit was withdrawing Oxfam Great Britain’s right to operate in the country after sex for aid allegations and claims of rape and sexual assault by staff in South Sudan.


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A survey carried out by YouGov and published on Friday shows that 43 percent of Germans want Merkel to leave office

The Local – JUNE 22, 2018

The survey also revealed that 42 percent of respondents wanted the veteran Chancellor to stay on as head of government, while 15 percent did not give a response either way.

Somewhat surprisingly, Merkel is most popular among voters of the environmentalist Green party, two thirds of whom said she should stay in office.

She is slightly less loved by voters of the conservative Union, which includes her own Christian Democrats (CDU) and the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU).

Some 63 percent of Union voters said they wanted her to stay on as Chancellor, while 27 percent want her to go. Merkel is currently entangled in a power battle with the CSU over border controls that is threatening to collapse her coalition barely three months after it was established.

Merkel also remains strangely popular among voters of the far-left Die Linke party, 48 percent of whom want her to stay in office. She is least popular by far among voters of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD), only six percent of whom want her to stay on.

The survey also showed that most Germans don’t believe that the coalition will collapse over the current dispute between Merkel and the CSU. Only 32 percent of respondents said that the coalition is about to fall to pieces, while 45 percent said it would survive to fight another day.

Nonetheless half the respondents said that they did not believe that the coalition would make it to the next scheduled national elections in 2021.

Whereas Merkel once enjoyed unrivalled support among German voters, recent polls have shown dwindling patience with her policies. A YouGov poll from the end of last year showed that 47 percent of voters wanted her to stand on before the next national election.


Italy Moves to Seize Two Migrant Rescue Ships

Launching investigation into legal status of NGO vessels

Sputnik – JUNE 22, 2018

Europe is deeply divided on how best to handle a recent massive influx of migrants from North Africa and the Middle East attempting to reach the continent.

Italy says it will seize two migrant rescue ships in the Mediterranean, citing doubts over their legal status.

Italian authorities said the Lifeline and Seefuchs, operated by the German migrant rescue group Mission Lifeline, were “illegally” flying the Dutch flag.”

The 32-meter-long rescue ship Lifeline with 226 migrants on board had requested entry to enter an Italian port after it plucked hundreds of EU-bound refugees from two rubber boats off the coast of Libya.

Even though Italian Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, leader of the anti-immigrant League party, warned that the migrants “will only see Italy on a postcard,” Transport Minister Danilo Toninelli said that the Lifeline would be escorted “to an Italian port to conduct a probe” and that the migrants will be transferred onto Italian coast guard boats.

The Netherlands has denied responsibility for the boat, which they said is not registered in the country.

“They have a Dutch flag, but they are not registered in the Netherlands, and therefore are not under Dutch state flag responsibility,” Dutch Foreign Ministry spokesman Lennart Wegewijs said.

Matteo Salvini earlier threatened to prevent charity vessels carrying migrants from docking in Italy, saying that the Italian Coast Guard would rescue the refugees at sea.

The incident comes as increased migration to Europe has fueled the rise of anti-immigration parties across the EU and highlights rifts in the bloc over how to deal with huge numbers of people fleeing to Europe.

An emergency “mini-summit” will be held in Brussels on Sunday to discuss the immigration issue ahead of a full EU summit scheduled for later this month.

On Thursday, the Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, threatened to pull out of Sunday’s “mini-summit” and was only persuaded to attend by repeated phone calls by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

A draft accord for the meeting this Sunday was withdrawn after Conte objected to pressure on Italy and other countries with external EU borders, to take back illegal migrants refused entry at Germany’s borders.

Four Central European states — critics of EU policy – have said they will boycott Sunday’s talks.

According to the UN, over 1,000 migrants have died in the Mediterranean this year, with at least 220 drowning off the Libyan coast within the past two days.