Read carefully, because it’s about to happen again

 | – DECEMBER 15, 2017

The revelation that a well-known anti-Trump women’s rights lawyer attempted to secure incentive money for women to claim Donald Trump sexually harassed them in the weeks leading up to the presidential election serves as a red flag for how this exact scenario is likely to play out again in the near future.

“California lawyer Lisa Bloom’s efforts included offering to sell alleged victims’ stories to TV outlets in return for a commission for herself, arranging a donor to pay off one Trump accuser’s mortgage and attempting to secure a six-figure payment for another woman who ultimately declined to come forward after being offered as much as $750,000,” reports The Hill.

The lengthy article makes it clear that Bloom’s mission was to swamp Trump with allegations so as to ensure his defeat in the election, although perhaps over-confident of victory anyway, Clinton Super PACs were not interested in contributing money for women to come forward.

One of the most interesting aspects of the piece is how the woman who eventually declined as much as $750,000 to go public admitted that when she rebuffed Trump’s advances, he immediately backed off, which is not really the behavior you would expect of a habitual sexual harasser of women.

The woman told The Hill, “she held no resentment about the early 1990s advance because Trump stopped it as soon as she asked him.”

She also said she was “disgusted” to learn that Bloom had initially agreed to defend serial sex molester Harvey Weinstein back in October.

As we discuss in the video below, having largely failed to ensnare Trump on anything damning with the Russian collusion investigation, the political class is set to smear Trump by re-directing the outrage generated by the #MeToo scandal against the president.

Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly says fake victims are being offered hundreds of thousands of dollars to publicly assert they were sexually abused by Trump. O’Reilly says that the claims are completely fraudulent but insiders hope the weight of allegations from a number of different women will be enough to force Trump to step down in January.

Some of the accusers who made the rounds before the election are re-appearing, with the media lavishing them with positive coverage despite new claims of Trump’s sexual abuse including asking for one woman’s phone number and calling another woman a rude word.

It is highly unlikely that Trump will step down simply on the basis of accusations alone, but the deep state is hoping that it will generate another cloud that will derail the president’s momentum on his policy agenda and help Democrats perform better in the mid-term elections.

N. Korea needs written guarantees that US will end drills to start talks – Russian senator

FILE PHOTO: A US-South Korea joint landing operation drill in Pohang, South Korea, March 12, 2016 © Kim Hong-Ji / Reuters

Pyongyang needs written guarantees of security and an end to military drills on the Korean Peninsula from Washington for negotiations between the sides to begin, a senior Russian senator, Vladimir Dzhabarov, has said.

“In order for talks between the US and North Korea to start, certain special conditions must be met,” Dzhabarov, deputy head of the upper house Committee for International Relations, told RIA Novosti. The most important one is that “Washington [gives] up staging military drills near the Korean Peninsula. And Pyongyang needs written guarantees of that,” he added.

According to Dzhabarov, the Americans have already violated their promise to curb the exercises in the autumn. It was the US move to hold new exercises that forced North Korea to resume ballistic missile tests, which were earlier put on hold, he said.
Also on Friday, US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, said that a “sustained cessation of North Korea’s threatening behavior” would be required for the US to agree to sit down at the negotiations table. “Apart from that step, there are no preconditions for talks, nor will we accept preconditions from North Korea or others,” Tillerson said during a UN Security Council meeting dedicated to the Korean issue.

The secretary of State also urged Moscow and Beijing to increase pressure on Pyongyang and go “beyond full implementation of the UN Security Council resolutions,” sanctioning the country over its nuclear program and ballistic missile tests. He questioned “Russia’s dedication as a partner for peace,” blaming it for continuing to allow North Korean workers to toil in “slave-like conditions” for wages used to fund nuclear arms.

Tillerson also doubted China’s commitment to “solving an issue that has serious implications for the security of its own citizens” due to the crude oil still being supplied to the North Koreans by the Chinese.

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Earlier, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov said that the pressure on North Korea has already reached the “red line,” with the country being at risk of “economic strangulation.” Morgulov told Interfax: “Russia will not be part of this,”adding that the sanctions were “counterproductive” and were hurting ordinary people.

Russia and China have been proposing the so-called “double freeze” solution to the Korean crisis, which envisages a halt on the joint US drills with South Korea in exchange for the North stopping its nuclear and missile tests, which would create the conditions for negotiations.

After his phone call with President Vladimir Putin earlier Friday, US President Donald Trump said that he would “love” to have help from Russia on North Korea. Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the Russian and US leaders agreed to share information and initiatives on the issue during the conversation.

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Tensions have been on the rise on the Korean Peninsula in recent months as Pyongyang keeps pursuing its nuclear program and missile testing, despite international sanctions and condemnation, while the US and its allies intensify drills near North Korea’s borders. US President Donald Trump has repeatedly warned of a military scenario for North Korea, and recently included the country on the list of state sponsors of terrorism, paving the way for more sanctions. However, recently both sides have shown some interest in resolving the crisis via diplomatic means.


DC insiders reveal two reasons for Ryan’s exit

 | – DECEMBER 14, 2017

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) is resigning due to potential fallout over the debunked Russia dossier now threatening to take down high-level FBI officials as well as the brewing scandal involving former House IT staffer Imran Awan.

Ryan, who was never a fan of Donald Trump, isn’t far removed from the key players involved in the dossier, including GOP super donor Paul Singer, whose web site, the Washington Free Beacon, was reportedly the first to hire dossier maker Fusion GPS to probe Trump’s background.

The FBI may have used the dossier, which claimed Trump had “golden shower” parties with foreign hookers, as “justification” to spy on Trump’s presidential campaign.

Furthermore, as early as Sept. 2016, Ryan knew House computer servers were likely compromised, leading to the theft of $16 million, yet he stayed silent because the revelations would have boosted Trump’s campaign, according to DC insiders who spoke to Infowars.

Awan, who’s still under investigation over his role in the breach, was an IT staffer shared by House Democrats and may have found damning evidence of corruption.

Ryan didn’t discuss the issue publicly until January, two months after the election.

“It’s entirely logical that he would get out ahead of these two stories breaking,” Roger Stone revealed on the Alex Jones Show Thursday. “He’s read the handwriting on the wall – and let’s not forget, he suspended his support for candidate Trump… yet Trump won without him.”

Additionally, unless Ryan is trying to “test the waters,” the news of his resignation was likely a premature leak because he wanted a “tax reform” victory under his belt so he could secure a cushy Wall St. job after leaving DC.

“He has systematically worked to undermine the president… that said, the House’s track record of passing Trump legislation is far, far superior to the Senate, so I don’t think anyone is sorry to see him go,” Stone added.

This could indicate the deep state will try to replace Ryan with someone even more hostile to the Trump agenda.

Dobbs and McCarthy – Rosenstein Bizarre Performance Exposed Serious Problems

Lou Dobbs and Andrew McCarthy explore the BIZARRE show that Rod Rosenstein put on in House hearings, more evidence of the corruption and problems at DOJ and the FBI.

Posted on December 14, 2017 by 

Lou Dobbs was joined on his Fox Business program by Andrew McCarthy. Dobbs found the appearance before the House Judiciary Committee by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to be “an extraordinary performance.”

Despite their having oversight over both the DOJ and the FBI, Dobbs notes, “I cannot believe how many times I heard ‘I can’t answer that question, won’t answer that question, we’re waiting on the Inspector General’s report.’ He seemed as if he’s another one in the Justice Department, in addition to the Attorney General, who is merely presiding.”

McCarthy takes that as his cue, commenting that Rosenstein was quite passive in conducting his duty, by failing to set parameters for the investigation. There are two things that struck him from the Rosenstein testimony. One is the idea that a Justice Department Inspector General investigation would be considered a substitute or proxy for Congress being able to perform their oversight function.

The other is that partisans shouldn’t go into investigations where that is a potential issue and they should never be recruited. Dobbs points out that there are thousands upon thousands of DOJ attorneys and prosecutors and asks, “Why would you not choose one who was not so fraught with burdens of partisanship?”

Of course the reason is clearly that the partisanship is a key factor in who one recruits in a political witch hunt. Those lacking it who might be more inclined to conduct a fair and impartial investigation are of no value to Mueller and his “get Trump” mission.

McCarthy says that the selection of Obama partisans is even more critical in this instance because what should be being investigated is whether the Obama regime “put the law enforcement arms of government in the service of Hillary Clinton’s political campaign.”

Dobbs asks if there is any doubt at this point. McCarthy puts the issue not into a question of if but of to what degree the DOJ and FBI were involved politically on behalf of the Clinton campaign and Obama regime.

McCarthy says, “This needs to be scrubbed, thoroughly, there’s no question about it. I’m not as crazy as my friend Jim Jordan about the institution of the special counsel because I think there’s a better way to do it. I think you get a good, strong, independent US Attorney…someone from outside of Virginia, outside of Washington, who can look at this thing and look at the conduct of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies through the 2016 campaign.”

McCarthy agrees with many Americans who have been pulling their hair out in hopes that President Trump would become involved in the disaster at DOJ. He says, “He could compel these agencies to cooperate.” Dobbs says there’s a lot of risk involved in doing that which would boomerang on him. McCarthy replies simply, “It can’t be worse than this.”

Trump Swimsuit Pageant Accuser Whines HE Saw Her NAKED IN A ROBE

Holvey was NAKED IN A ROBE when pageant owner Trump came in, as she was preparing in makeup to go out and parade around before the world in a bikini. She felt so dirty

By Rick Wells

This pathetic, attention-starved, washed out beauty contestant can’t get anyone to look at her anymore, so she’s chosen to take the low road, to become a Democrat attack pig, and making the most idiotic of claims against President Trump in the process.

Samantha Holvey, who is one of three Democrats who traded in their relative anonymity to become high profile political prostitutes for their Party, suddenly has a problem with the whole concept of attractive women being admired by men, the fundamental that is at the basis of the survival of our species. Women do the same thing with men, but have the luxury of not being vilified in the process, or thirty years later.

She exploited her looks to capitalize on being ogled by a live audience and millions in their homes as a beauty contestant but apparently now that nobody wants to look at her she’s got problem. The owner of the pageant, now-President Donald Trump, came backstage to his own pageant, where all of the women were dressed.

She now objects to the reality, claiming that her dreams “never included a man lining us all up to look us over like we were pieces of meat.” Of course that is the very foundation of a beauty pageant, every aspect, even the talent portion, involves being lined up and looked at like pieces of meat.   [VIDEO BELOW]

They’re constantly lined up, as when they advance and their numbers are whittled down, the ones selected leave a longer meat line to be one of the prime cuts in the smaller line, semi-finalists and the like. But Holvey isn’t done yet, the former contestant whose talent is making a box of rocks look intelligent kept on talking.

She said, “These dreams never included a man coming into the backstage hair and makeup while I sat naked under a robe.” Of course a robe covers much more of her than the two piece swimsuit she wore during the competition before the millions of ogling eyes around the world.

And just how does one sit “naked under a robe” anyway? Is it similar to the way she was naked under her dress in the interview with Megyn Kelly, who was also naked under her dress? And how about that old hag that was naked under her dress next to her, the one who is lying about the airline seats, the Clinton campaign worker, Jessica Leeds? Thank goodness hernudity was confined to being underneath her dress as well.

She told Megyn Kelly how violated she felt by the visit backstage by Donald Trump, saying, “It was ‘hi, just looking me over like I was just a piece of meat. I was not a human being. I didn’t have a brain, I didn’t have a personality. “I was just simply there for his pleasure. It left me feeling very gross, very dirty.”

It seems that the not having a brain or personality part remains consistent to this date for Ms Holvey. But if it makes her feel any better, she’s no longer just a piece of meat. There’s ample fat on those bones as well. As for being very gross and very dirty, that’s the initial natural response to becoming a Democrat. She should be used to that by now as well.

She said, “No one dreams of being ogled when you’re a little girl wanting to wear a crown.” She’s using little girl standards to judge people in the grown up world. She’s applying that logic in making accusations in an attempt to destroy the President of the United States on behalf of his political enemies. Little girls don’t dream of that either.

Thankfully she kept running her mouth long enough to show us more than any robe could keep hidden, her complete lack of morals and her obsession with herself.

It’s so unfortunate for the little melting snowflake that life hasn’t matched her childhood dreams. It’s kind of the way things are and most of us have it figured out by the time we’re her age, after life has kicked us in the teeth enough times.

Some of us learn and pick ourselves up, others blame the guy who gave us an opportunity that we failed to make the most of.