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It doesn’t’ take a rocket scientists to figure out what a bankrupt government will do—just like any thief, they’ll go after easy targets first


A member of my staff caught an obscure resolution that was introduced in the US House of Representatives last week—Resolution no. 41.

The fact that there was essentially no coverage of this Resolution really shows how the mainstream media is completely turning a blind eye to the true fiscal situation of the United States of America.

The entire point of the resolution is to say that the federal government is broke.

It can’t pay its own bills, and therefore is shouldn’t be responsible to pay anyone else’s either.

It doesn’t’ take a rocket scientists to figure out what a bankrupt government will do—just like any thief, they’ll go after easy targets first.

The easiest target of all is future generations.

They’re going to run up the debt as high as they can, which essentially means pulling future tax revenues into today. It’s the easiest tax of all, because unborn children do not vote.

The estate tax is another one to watch out for—because, like unborn children, dead people don’t vote either.

We had a great podcast yesterday about retirement savings, where there’s an easy $5 trillion treasure chest for them to raid.

And, of course, there’s the greatest tax of all, the inflation tax, which decreases the standard of living for most of the population as the cost of living rises much faster than incomes.

This Resolution is a pretty scary dose of honesty. But again, what’s even more concerning is that it was just ignored and has objectively a zero percent chance of passing.

I do encourage you to check it out though—even the government is admitting it’s finished.

I’ll quote from the Resolution now without comment and wish you a very pleasant weekend:

Whereas the Federal Government is operating at an annual deficit and is increasing its outstanding debt every year;
Whereas the Federal Government, as of January 2015, is carrying more than $18.0 trillion in debt, of which $13.0 trillion is owed to the public and $5.08 trillion is owed to Social Security and other trust funds;

Whereas foreign governments, individuals, and corporations as of October 2014 own 47 percent of Federal debt held by the public;

Whereas Social Security’s unfunded liabilities in 2014 are $10.6 trillion over 75 years and $24.9 trillion over the infinite horizon;

Whereas the Federal debt held by the public is expected to increase by more than $7 trillion from 2014 to 2024 according to the Congressional Budget Office;

Whereas more than 16 percent of the entire Federal budget goes directly to States and local governments;

Whereas more than 22 percent of total State and local government general revenue comes from the Federal Government according to Census Bureau’s latest Annual Survey of State and Local Government Finance;

Whereas several State and local pension plans are expected to fully exhaust their funds within ten years.

Record deflation in eurozone

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Consumer prices in the eurozone fell by 0.6 percent in January due to lower energy prices and global uncertainty. It’s the biggest fall since the currency zone was established.

Last month eurozone deflation was 0.2 percent, which is the first time since the outbreak of the financial crisis of 2009, according to the ‘flash estimate’ by Eurostat.

The current level of deflation in the eurozone is the largest since July 2009, when the prices also fell 0.6 percent which was the biggest fall since the euro was introduced in 1999. Analysts polled by Bloomberg say they expected an average of 0.5 percent in January.

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The biggest drop was in energy costs which fell 8.9 percent as a result of lower oil prices. The cost of food, alcohol and tobacco decreased 0.1 percent. At the same time the cost of various services rose by one percent.

The report comes a day after Germany announced deflation for the first time since 2009. Consumer prices in German declined by 0.3 percent in January year-on-year.

European financial institutions are making every effort to curb the economic downturn in the region and reach an inflation target of 2 percent. The ECB has taken the unprecedented step and started a €1.14 trillion program of ‘quantitative easing’ (QE) designed to bring down deflation and provide the banks with money. The program will run until September 2016 and involve buying bonds from EU member states.

These 16 States Have All Introduced Legislation to Ban “Shariah Law”

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By Bill Chandler

    Hopefully by end of 2015, all 50 states will be on this list!

Muslim attacking UK women

According to the, “any time a state wants to ban Shariah law, Muslim groups — often led by the Council on American-Islamic Relations — cry Islamophobia.

“Which usually leads to the question:

if the groups weren’t in favor of Shariah law, why would they mind it being banned?

“Never mind the fact that Shariah law has already been used in American courtrooms. Groups like CAIR will always insist that such legislation is Islamophobic and needs to be stopped. Alabama became the latest state to ban Shariah law when voters passed a measure adding an amendment to the state constitution. CAIR said that the motion was “virulently racist” and showed “outright hostility towards Muslims.” Alabamians apparently didn’t care what they said. Either way, Shariah doesn’t exactly have a good brand image.

Perhaps it’s the pre-16th century vibe that the stoning of women and chopping off of hands creates.

“Perhaps it’s the fact that Shariah has been used in American courtrooms — specifically in Florida, where a judge allowed Muslim law to supersede American law in a dispute over mosque funds. Or perhaps it’s because voters don’t want America to become like a version of the United Kingdom, where roving “Shariah patrols” bully people they feel aren’t sufficiently Islamic. A member of one of these patrols said in a video posted to YouTube:

“Ultimately, I want to see every single woman in this country covered from head to toe, I want to see the hand of the thief cut, I want to see adulterers stoned to death.”

“Charming, really. Who wouldn’t want that? CAIR identified 16 states as having introduced legislation to ban or restrict Shariah law in 2013. The list is supposed to be meant as a condemnation of these states. However, I know plenty of people who would use such a list as a guide for where to move.

    The states include:

    Alabama (two bills)
    Florida (two bills)
    Indiana (two bills)
    Mississippi (four bills)
    Missouri (two bills)
    North Carolina
    Oklahoma (seven bills)
    South Carolina (two bills)
    Texas (six bills)
    West Virginia
    Wyoming (two bills)”

VIDEO “Obama Admits He Is A Muslim”

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According to the video, Obama admits that he is a Muslim, bows before a Muslim king, talks about his Muslim family, quotes from the Koran, defends Islam, and visits a Mosque.
Are you convinced?

Obama admits that he is a Muslim. Obama bowing before a Muslim king. Obama talking about his Muslim family. Obama quoting from the Koran. Obama defending Islam. Obama visiting a Mosque. And many more clips of Obama and his Muslim connections. Legal Disclaimer: The writers, producers, and editors of this video are not claiming or implying that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim, or that Obama said he was a Muslim, rather they are only examining the evidence surrounding the rumor that Barack Hussein Obama might be a secret Muslim.

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