NY Muslim Who Threatened to BEHEAD His Daughter ARRESTED for AIDING, RECRUITING for ISIS (Islamic State)

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ByPAMELA GELLER on July 29, 2015
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Another Lackawanna jihad plot — remember, The Buffalo Six, aka the Lackawanna Six, but also the Lackawanna Cell, or Buffalo Cell, a group of six Muslims convicted of providing material support to Al Qaeda.

Now jihad in America is daily.

Arafat M. Nagi was arrested by federal officials for knowingly attempting to provide material support and resources to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Nagi, 44, is an American citizen who lived in a house on Olcott Avenue in Lacakwanna. Nagi said in Federal Court on Wednesday that he used to work as a delivery man for a medical supply company, but that he hasn’t worked since 2009.

He is divorced and has a 23-year-old son and 21-year-old daughter. Nagi was arrested in 2013 for threatening to behead his daughter.

“Helicopter Descends On Home Of Man Charged With Trying To Help ISIS,” Daily Caller, July 29, 2015

Another man has been arrested for ties to the Islamic State, this time in New York.arafat-nagi

Authorities arrested Arafat M. Nagi, 42, of Lackawanna, N.Y., Wednesday morning and charged him with attempting to provide material support to ISIS. Authorities say he tried to recruit Americans, bought military gear, and traveled to Turkey twice to help ISIS.

He is set to appear in court Wednesday on the charge of attempting to help a designated foreign terrorist organization. Authorities were reportedly alerted to the man as a threat by someone who heard him talking about jihad.

Neighbors told WTHITV News that they heard a helicopter above their normally quiet neighborhood Wednesday morning during the arrest.


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New poll shows opposition to Iran deal

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A new nationwide survey reveals opposition to an agreement reached with Iran to limit the Islamic regime’s nuclear weapons capabilities.

Among the key findings: 80 percent oppose giving Iran $150 billion in early sanctions absent congressional approval of the deal; 72 percent said that Congress shouldn’t approve an agreement that does not allow independent U.S. inspections of Iran’s military laboratories; 68 percent don’t believe that inspections overseen by the United Nations that allow up to a 24-day notification period before will prevent Iran from cheating; 65 percent think the deal will result in other nations seeking their own nuclear weapons to protect themselves from Iran; and 63 percent disagree that the deal stops Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

“It’s abundantly clear that the more Americans learn about key details within the Iran agreement, the less they like it,” said Pat Caddell, a Democratic pollster who conducted the poll, along with the Republican firm McLaughlin & Associates. “Opposition to the deal is growing as the facts work their way into kitchen table conversations across the country.”

The poll was conducted by McLaughlin & Associates and Caddell Associates for Secure America Now, a group that bills itself as a nonpartisan organization focused on security issues. It surveyed 800 likely general election voters July 22-23 and had an error margin of 3.5 percentage points, although some message testing questions had an error margin of 4.9 percentage points. Polls gauging American voters’ opinions of the Iran deal have varied, with some showing support and others showing opposition.

It can be difficult to properly assess voter sentiment concerning issues of this complexity. Following is an example of one of the questions asked in this survey:

“All things being equal with which position do you agree with more? President Obama who says that the proposed deal with Iran on nuclear weapons is a good deal. It has unprecedented verification and unprecedented access to Iran’s nuclear sites. It limits Iran’s nuclear program and extends their breakout time to develop a nuclear weapon to one year. The opponents of the deal who say that it’s a bad deal because it gives Iran a $150 billion windfall in immediate sanctions relief, ends their arms embargo and it leaves Iran’s nuclear infrastructure intact. The agreement is similar to the one North Korea violated to build nuclear weapons. Iran can continue to support wars of aggression against their neighbors and terrorism against Israel and the United States.”

In answer to this question, 54 percent said they agreed with opponents of the deal, while 31 percent sided with Obama.


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“We know where you live”


A letter threatening to “destroy the families of unbelievers” is reportedly being sent to wives of British soldiers living in the United Kingdom.

The letter is entitled ‘JIHAD – The Holy War For Islam – A warning to the brides of British Soldier Warmongers’.

The full text of the letter reads;

“You have been identified as an unbeliever and a bride of a murderer of the servants of Allah in the Holy Land.”

“Our peoples have suffered at the hands of your husbands who have murdered, killed and raped our women and children.”

“We the servants of Allah intend to avenge our peoples by destroying the families of unbelievers in the land of hate.”

“You along with many others will pay the price for your husband’s destruction in the Holy Land.”

“We now know where you live and will begin to destroy the unbelievers and their families as they have done to us.”

The letter ends with the words, ‘The Circle of Allah – Avengers Serving Allah’.

Twitter user Rikki Bates posted the letter this evening, stating that it was delivered to the Leicester home of his friend who is serving in the armed forces.

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The wife of the soldier reportedly responded to the threat by leaving the house and moving back in with her parents.

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As we reported earlier today, while these kind of threats are becoming more commonplace, British citizens are being arrested by police for the thought crime of offending Muslims.

Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson was re-arrested by police reportedly to prevent him from attending a meeting last week with the organizers of a ‘draw Mohammad’ cartoon contest.

Liberty GB leader Peter Weston was also arrested by police last year for the “racially aggravated crime” of quoting Winston Churchill on the subject of Islam during a speech.

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“Dont shoot at the chest because they have bullet proof vests on – Aim carefully and go for the head”


A shocking Cincinnati Craigslist post is calling on black Americans to execute police in the wake of recent high-profile shootings.

Posted to the local news section of the Cincinnati Craigslist site, the call to arms contains graphic instructions for those wishing to “target the police.”

“The Black Community should stick together and start targeting the police,” the post says, stating that “for years cops have used their badges and guns to unjustly kill way to many black People.”

The post goes on to include several ways in which law enforcement should be attacked, also listing police stations as legitimate targets.
“Yes they should rise up and burn the police stations to the ground,” the post continues. “Let the damn cops worry about if someone is going to put a bullet in their head.”

Readers are told to “aim for the head” and to let “God sort out the bodies” as well.

“Rise up and aim for their head – dont shoot at the chest because they have bullet proof vests on,” the post reads. “Aim carefully and go for the head – kill the fuckers and let God sort out the bodies.”

The post follows the death of 43-year-old Samuel Dubose, who was shot and killed by Cincinnati campus police officer Ray Tensing on July 19. Tensing was charged with murder after a grand jury investigation only hours before the Craiglist post.

Stay tuned to Infowars.com as reporter Joe Biggs (@Rambobiggs) brings updates on the Samuel Dubose case from on the ground in Cincinnati.

KERRY: We Can’t Reveal Contents of Secret Iran ‘Side Deals’ to American People…


Secretary of State John Kerry testified on Capitol Hill today the U.S. government will not be revealing the contents of secret side deals with Iran to the American people. Senator Tom Cotton wanted to know why it can’t be made public.

Watch the exchange:

“I’d like to stick with you, Secretary Kerry,” Cotton said. “Why can’t we confirm or deny the content of these agreements in public? Why is this classified? It’s not a sensitive U.S. government document.”

“Because we respect the process of the IAEA and we don’t have their authorization to reveal what is a confidential agreement between them and another country,” said Kerry.

Cotton said, “So the ayatollahs will know what they agreed to but not the American people?”

Kerry said that members of Congress would be able to learn about it in a classified briefing.