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The FBI issued a warning Friday that the Black Guerilla Family prison was plotting to attack white police officers in the state


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The Federal Bureau of Investigations field office in Baltimore, Maryland issued a warning Friday that the Black Guerilla Family prison was plotting to attack white police officers in the state.

The Baltimore Sun included the report of the threat in an article on the Maryland ties to the execution of two police officers, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, in New York City Saturday afternoon by Ismaaiyl Abdulah Brinsley.

Brinsley reportedly shot his girlfriend early Saturday morning in the Baltimore suburb of Owings Mills before he headed to New York. Neither of the slain New York officers was white.

Apparently the Sun has the exclusive on the threat, but buried it in the middle of the lengthy article. The Baltimore FBI has not released the information to the public.

“On Friday, the Baltimore FBI office issued a memo that the Black Guerrilla Family gang was targeting “white cops” in Maryland, an agency spokeswoman confirmed. The memo, circulating among officers, said a contact who had given reliable information in the past said members of the gang — connected to the high-profile corruption scandal at the Baltimore City Detention Center — were planning to target white officers to “send a message.”

“A federal law enforcement official said Brinsley had no known ties to the BGF.”
Earlier this month the New York Daily News reported the BGF was plotting to attack New York City police officers. The threat was soon allegedly deemed not credible by the NYPD.

The News also reported Saturday night that investigators were headed to Baltimore to explore possible ties between Brinsley and the BGF.

“The cold-blooded cop-hater who gunned down two police officers in Brooklyn on Saturday is suspected of being a member of a notorious prison gang that has declared open season on the NYPD.

“Detectives were headed to Baltimore on Saturday night to probe Ismaaiyl Brinsley’s ties to the Black Guerrilla Family, sources told the Daily News.

“One source said Baltimore police were already investigating Brinsley’s connection to the gang, which started in California’s San Quentin Prison in the 1960s by Black Panther member George Jackson.

““BGF has been talking about getting back at cops for Eric Garner and Ferguson,” a source told The News, citing intelligence intercepted in Baltimore area prisons.”

“There also was another reported threat. On Nov. 25, the NYPD spokesman said then, a police department outside of New York received a threat through an anonymous 911 call. The call, which was made to the Baltimore police department, threatened violent retribution against “cops” but did not name a specific department, according to a police source.”
The News added background on the BGF having corrupted corrections officers in Baltimore:

“Last year Baltimore law enforcement officials cracked down on the BGF’s stranglehold on the Baltimore City Detention Center because the gang was extorting people, intimidating witnesses and dealing drugs with help from correction officers. An investigation led to the arrest of two inmates and five corrections officers on charges of extortion, witness intimidation and drug dealing in the city jail.”

Media Ignores Fact That NYC Cop Killer Spoke Arabic, Had Muslim Brotherhood Phrase Posted on Facebook Page

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By Eric Odom

NYC cop killer Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley may be far more than a simple “I Can’t Breathe” protestor. While Obama’s media networks would like you to believe Brinsley was a caring protestor who took it way too far, evidence is bubbling up showing Brinsley may very well have been a Muslim extremist.

WZ found a post Brinsley left on Facebook that shows Islamic scripture. The passage posted references a phrase that is actually used in the Muslim Brotherhood logo.

Here’s the pic WZ found from Brinsley’s Facebook page. See the passage below the pic.

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Former NYPD Commissioner: Sharpton, De Blasio Have ‘Blood on Their Hands’

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December 20, 2014 By Matthew Burke

Bernard Kerik, former NYPD Commissioner, weighed in on the horrific execution-style execution shooting Saturday of two police officers, saying that Communist Democrat Bill De Blasio (born Warren Wilhelm, Jr.) and professional race hustler Al Sharpton, “have blood on their hands.”

As TPNN’s Greg Campbell reported on Saturday regarding the brutal assassination.
New York City Councilman Robert Cornegy revealed that two officers who were working overtime as part of an anti-terrorism drill were shot at close range as they sat in their squad car in Brooklyn.

The names of the two slain officers is not yet known.

They were attacked by a single gunman who approached the car at the corner of Myrtle and Tompkins avenues and opened fire before running down into the subway.“It’s an execution,” one law enforcement source reported.
“De Blasio, Sharpton and all those who encouraged this anti-cop, racist mentality all have blood on their hands,” Bernard Kerik told Newsmax on Saturday. “They have blood on their hands.” he said.

The killer has been identified as Ismaaiyl Brinsley, who bragged about desiring to kill cops, only hours before the ambush that took the lives of two still unidentified officers, who happened to be white. Brinsley was black.

Brinsley posted on Instagram, with a photo of a silver gun, “I’m Putting Wings on Pigs Today. They Take 1 of Ours…Let’s Take 2 of Theirs.”

“This May Be My Final Post…I’m Putting Pigs In A Blanket,” he wrote in another post. Brinsley used the hashtags #ShootThePolice #RIPEricGarner and #RIPMikeBrown, indicating that the evil murders were racially charged.

Current NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said about the murders, “They were simply assassinated.”

While there has been zero evidence to indicate that the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner were racially motivated, both racial grievance profiteer Sharpton and communist NYC Mayor De Blasio have verbally stoked the fires of racial divide, in order to benefit personally, both politically and financially.

It looks like their words just backfired, and resulted in two innocent deaths.

Obama starts his 17-day Hawaii vacation while the nation mourns the two police officers killed in New York

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Here it goes again, when America needs its president the most, he goes off to his 17-day vacation in Hawaii.

Obama is asking Americans to reject violence, encouraging to seek out prayer and kindness for the victims’ relatives. Nice words…but President Obama’s comments come in a statement while he’s vacationing with his family in Hawaii.

He’s probably going to miss their funeral like he did in the past.

Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were killed on Saturday afternoon while on duty by Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, who shot them both in the head.

Ismaaiyl then walked to G train subway station where he shot himself in the head.

We need a president who cares for our police officers.